Midiplast Srl manufactures containers and technical articles in polyethylene and polypropylene from 10 to 5000 ml for different sectors, such as food, chemical, oil, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics, tobacco industry (liquid electronic cigarettes) of our standard shapes or exclusively to the customer.

The location and the factory are spread across a total area of about 7,500 square meters, of which 4,000 are covered by the factory, 2,000 square meters for warehouse and offices.
We offer our experience, all our knowledge, our maximum availability and collaboration for specific customer needs, by offering a complete service from the study / design of the article to its final production.
To guarantee the quality of our products, are applied systematically all the ISO 9001:2008 quality system procedures and norms HCPP for the packages intended for contact with food are strictly enforced.
In the company is adopted for each activity a work methodology that not only improve the potentiality but is also able to guarantee an high quality standard in both manufacturing as well as services.

Midiplast uses a specific application software that allows you to plan and monitor their production processes and so to give the customer accurate information on the status of their orders and on the delivery times.
Midiplast's holders and all the staff are constantly trained, they working for a continuous and constant improvement in the production and services in order to satisfy every customer's expectation.
Midiplast with your PV system and with the permission of ECM for production of biodegradable products gives its small contribution to safeguard the environment.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • 2,000 sqm warehouse for timely and planned
  • Machines of the latest technology
  • Photovoltaic system for self-consumption of about
          340,80 kWp /year
  • Deliveries programmed and timely

Our staff

Valter Marchesini Co-Founder